Panayiotis Xanthou KTHs Violin/Guitar Teacher in collaboration with Panos Panay (founding managing director / berkleeICE ), participated in an innovative lecture regarding “Making to Think:Leadership through Art”Addressing in the Univesrity of Cyprus on 6th of April 2016.Lectures details as follows
Challenges in a globe facing rapid flux, exponentially growing knowledge, and increasing uncertainty and volatility requires that we begin by making rather than thinking. More so, we must learn effective ways of making that unlock thinking and get results. Aithan Shapira MFA PhD began at the Royal College of Art and Design and set off to study the most proficient, unconventional makers and maker-educators—artists and leading art colleges from around the globe—and dissect their processes for reframing challenges, shifting perspectives, deeply observing, experimenting, and collaborating. Making to Think integrates these creative skillsets with change-makers and their teams to turn disruption into opportunity, ambiguity into achievement, and change into maximized innovative output.

This two-day program convenes Cyprus’ prominent entrepreneurs, diplomats, executives, and cultural leaders jointly in immersive workshops designed to uncover unique perspectives and arts-based tools for observation, analysis, and problem-solving as differentiating strategy for leading change. Curated as a sequence of four sessions, the first is a talk that rethinks strategies for generating creativity with effective ways of making in order to think that emerge in studio progressions of art giants from Jackson Pollock to David Hockney. Session 2 brings you within an arm’s length of top musicians to listen and rethink leadership. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves in Session 3 for hands-on immersion that challenges assumptions and conventional strategies, and builds confidence in uncertainty. Session 4 will meet at the Leventis Gallery for a far from conventional tour and exercises that dive deep into decision-making from the maker’s perspective.