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Gipsy Jazz Project by Cyprus Ortega team

CYPRUS #ortegaartist presents a Gipsy Jazz Project which will be coming soon.We are traveling back in time, to the 1950s in black and white.Debuting the UKEBASS!! Thanks to the Ortega team for sponsoring me for Bass too!

Julian Zierhut Ortega Guitars Bastian Krämer Onur Maras Thomas Supper coming soon.Live Recording and Video shooting at Suite 16 Studios, Engineer Constantinos Evangelides, cameras Stelios Hadjielia and Satt.Actor Iacovos Iacovou

Ortega Classical Guitars Endorsement – KTH Trio

Following my sponsorship and endorsement by the Ortega Guitars/Meinl company,I am thrilled to announce that the company has decided to name as Ortega Artists also my two closest assistants at As a result the Ortega Artsist KTH Trio presents its second official video,with a live recording.We couldn’t be more thankful to our friends in Germany, Thomas Supper general manager,and Onur Maras export and sales manager of the Ortega/Meinl company for endorsing the trio,not only with equipment;but,more importantly with love and respect!We,Kyriacos Hadjittofis Nikolas Sprits Moutafis and Panayiotis Xanthou are honoured by this.
We hope that you enjoy this video divided in 4 parts,and more is on the way!
Camera crew by Photo Studio Twins directed by Stelios Hadjielia.

Ortega Classical Guitars Endorsement – Upcoming Recording

The president of our school Kyriacos Hadjittofis as of November 2017 is sponsored and endorsed by the world acclaimed classical Guitars Ortega.
Our Teachers Kyriacos Hadjittofis, Nikolas Moutafis and Panayiotis Xanthoy are preparing a recording and a music video to promote the Ortega Guitars.