Following my sponsorship and endorsement by the Ortega Guitars/Meinl company,I am thrilled to announce that the company has decided to name as Ortega Artists also my two closest assistants at As a result the Ortega Artsist KTH Trio presents its second official video,with a live recording.We couldn’t be more thankful to our friends in Germany, Thomas Supper general manager,and Onur Maras export and sales manager of the Ortega/Meinl company for endorsing the trio,not only with equipment;but,more importantly with love and respect!We,Kyriacos Hadjittofis Nikolas Sprits Moutafis and Panayiotis Xanthou are honoured by this.
We hope that you enjoy this video divided in 4 parts,and more is on the way!
Camera crew by Photo Studio Twins directed by Stelios Hadjielia.